In less than a year, Build Back Better, Alaska (B3AK) has become a trusted civic engagement and public information organization. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit formed by Alaska civic leaders to promote local impacts and opportunities from federal legislation and policies. The Biden Administration and Congress are funding once-in-a-generation investments in infrastructure, job creation, and working families – we will educate about, amplify, and advocate for Alaska’s fair share of these historic opportunities.

We know that greater policy education about these national initiatives both builds public support and neutralizes opposition – allowing for greater collaboration. The better Alaskans understand these opportunities, the better we and our communities can leverage this funding.

This engagement plan aims to articulate the path forward – the strategy, tactics, the investments required to achieve B3AK’s mission of (1) educating Alaskans on opportunities presented by Congress and the administration; (2) amplifying Alaska voices in national decision-making; and (3) advocating for our economy, communities, and working families.


Build Back Better Alaska is unique among Alaska policy-focused organizations in several ways. First, we are nonpartisan and a nonprofit, which allows for greater partnerships and public trust from all areas of the political spectrum. Second, our outreach and education efforts are not tied to election cycles – instead providing continuous year-round national policy education. Third, while other organizations focus on specific subsets of issues, we take a holistic approach to issues affecting the Alaska economy, our communities, and our people.

We strive to act locally and connect nationally. B3AK has cultivated strong relationships with Alaska’s Congressional delegation and other national partners, including the White House Office of Public Engagement, White House Office of Political Strategy & Outreach, and Building Back Together.

Within Alaska, B3AK has built collaborative relationships with organizations including as the Denali Commission, Southeast Conference, SEIU 775, Alaskans Take A Stand, Just Transition Collective, Alaska Municipal League, and the Alaska Venture Fund. We continuously seek to identify other potential partners. If you are interested in working with us, please let us know!

Above all, we know Alaska! B3AK’s staff and volunteers have deep ties to Alaska. Our steering committee has more than 40 Alaska leaders across sectors such as labor, energy, environment, housing, outdoor recreation, tribal government, and small business. B3AK’s network understands how to translate the administration’s agenda to the 49th state, with trusted voices to communicate key national issues. Investing in this coalition can enhance Alaska’s capacity to influence national policy.


We have big plans for this year; additional investments are needed now to support our robust civic engagement and communication plan. B3AK is fueled by a small staff and a passionate cadre of Alaska volunteers. Throughout 2021, our team worked hard to grow organizational capacity, cultivate Alaska support, and enhance the historic achievements of the administration’s agenda.

The engagement plan is laid out in the budget summary below. In brief, B3AK will have professional staff positions: a program director, responsible for day-to-day administrative tasks of running B3AK; a communications director, who will take the lead on external communication, including social, digital, and conventional media; and a policy analyst, who will research, monitor, and aggregate relevant information. We will deploy social media and digital, television, and radio advertisements focusing on the effects of landmark federal legislation on Alaskans and our economy.

While this is the total for the engagement plan; as a not-for-profit 501c3, B3AK will seek contracts with federal, state, and local government entities, as well as other non-profits, to support additional engagement and education opportunities.


Education – First, we will expand our education efforts by bringing D.C. to Alaska and amplifying the Build Back Better message to Alaska’s diverse constituencies. Our organization will host public events with key elected leaders and federal officials to spotlight the historic importance of Build Back Better and its impacts on Alaska. We will launch our media outreach to underrepresented communities. The media outreach will include radio spots on Alaska Public Radio to reach 27 local stations across the state.

Amplification – Second, B3AK is focused on elevating Alaska impacts and interests in the ongoing federal policy conversation. B3AK will invest in grassroots storytelling to share the stories, via TV advertising and digital media, of working families whose lives have been greatly improved through the Biden Administration’s paid family leave, affordable childcare, universal pre-K, and tax credits for lower income Alaska workers. We will leverage B3AK’s localized network with the national Build Back Better stakeholders to provide ongoing feedback and enhance the Build Back Better Alaska strategy

Advocacy – Third, with trillions of federal dollars flowing from the Biden Administration and Congress, Alaska needs to compete for our fair share of these historic investments. Between our homegrown Alaska network and our established relationships with the White House, Alaska congressional delegation, cabinet agencies, and national organizations, B3AK is well positioned to advocate for Alaska interests.


Build Back Better, Alaska needs your support to realize our vision for education, amplification, and advocacy for Alaska. We must act immediately to seize this once-in-a-generation opportunity presented by new federal investments. B3AK has the capacity, team, and network on the ground in Alaska to be a transformative partner. We invite any individuals, organizations, and funders to reach out. Please contact us to discuss partnerships and investments to make this engagement possible. Let’s help Alaska build back better together!

Build Back Better Alaska (B3AK) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational and advocacy organization focused on the impact of federal issues and policies. B3AK aims to supply information and education about federal policies and initiatives affecting Alaska and create opportunities for dialogue between decision-makers and Alaskans.